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A.T Inks

A.T UV INKS - Lamp and LED

A.T Inks for Lamp as well as LED curing are available in rigid, flexible and hybrid versions. Excellent adhesion, color gamut and fast drying allowing for maximum print speeds are the main hallmarks of these inks. Last Updated: 04/30/20
Category: Inks » Inks - UV-Curable
Contact: Nitin Goswamy
Email: nitin@atinks.com
Phone: 704-893-0291
URL: www.atinks.com
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Hilord Chemical Corporation

UV and UV LED Inks

Hilord produces a wide array of UV and UV-LED Curable inkjet inks for use in various wide format printers. The features of these inks are the following: High flexibility and abrasion-resistance, fast curing, wide color gamut for vivid images, excellent adhesion on numerous substrates, and long-term outdoor durability. Please contact us for more information. Last Updated: 06/02/16
Category: Inks » Inks - UV-Curable
Contact: Jack Papaiacovou
Email: info@hilord.com
Phone: 800-645-1022
URL: www.hilord.com
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Marabu North America

UltraJet Inks

Transform substrates into works of art using Marabu’s UltraJet uv-curable inks. UltraJet inks offer an outstanding print quality, fast cure, excellent performance and enhanced adhesion across a broad range of flexible and rigid materials including traditionally challenging substrates. The vivid color gamut, whites and varnishes help projects pop for a flawless final look. A fully chemically compatible formulation makes conversions effortless. Make your creative vision a reality with UltraJet. Last Updated: 05/08/20
Category: Inks » Inks - UV-Curable
Contact: Sales
Email: contact-mna@marabu.com
Phone: 888-253-2778
URL: www.marabu-northamerica.com
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Nutec Digital Ink

Amethyst UV curable digital ink

NUtec Digital Ink's Amethyst range of premium quality UV-curable inks are available for either hybrid, rigid or roll-to-roll applications for a wide variety of major printhead types. The Amethyst range is suitable for both LED and Mercury vapour lamp curing and is supported by NUtec Digital’s Ink Delivery System Warranty. Last Updated: 05/13/19
Category: Inks » Inks - UV-Curable
Contact: Martine Goodchild
Email: martine.goodchild@nutecdigital.com
Phone: 07 1611 0880
URL: https://nutecdigital.com/produ
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