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CData Software

CData Software

CData Software offers data integration solutions for rnreal-time access to on-line or on-premise applications, rndatabases, and Web APIs.rnIt specializes in providing access to data through rnestablished data standards and application platforms rnsuch as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OData, SSIS, BizTalk, rnand Excel.
Company URL:   |   Address: 101 Europa Drive, Suite 110, , Chappel Hill, NC 27517

CData Connect

CData Connect

Your organization depends on real-time business and
operational data to deliver actionable insights and drive growth.
CData Connect is the missing link in your data value chain.

CData Connect allows users to connect to data from any cloud
application or database through standard database access. With
CData Connect, supported data sources look and behave like a
standard MySQL database.

CData Connect enables direct connectivity from any application
that supports standard database connectivity, including popular
cloud BI and ETL applications, such as:

- Amazon Glue
- Amazon QuickSight
- Domo
- Google Apps Script
- Google Cloud Data Flow
- Google Cloud Data Studio
- Looker
- Microsoft Power Apps
- Microsoft Power Query
- MicroStrategy Cloud
- Qlik Sense Cloud
- SAP Analytics Cloud
- SAS Cloud
- SAS Viya
- Tableau Online
... and many more!

CData Connect acts like a data gateway, translating SQL, and
securely proxying API requests.

MySQL/SQL/OData Access to Cloud Data Sources

Write SQL, Get Data - Powerful SQL abstraction simplifies
connectivity, and decouples data access.

SQL / MySQL Wire Protocol - Use any application or driver that
can communicate with MySQL or SQL Server.

Full CRUD Support - Bi-directional data access with full Read,
Write, Update, and Delete support.

Enterprise-Class Security - Advanced security and
authentication. Secure TLS/ SSL data encryption.

Request a free trial or learn more at Last Updated: 03/11/21
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Contact: Alex Pauncz
Phone: 8002357250
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