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CData Software

CData Software

CData Software offers data integration solutions for rnreal-time access to on-line or on-premise applications, rndatabases, and Web APIs.rnIt specializes in providing access to data through rnestablished data standards and application platforms rnsuch as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OData, SSIS, BizTalk, rnand Excel.
Company URL: https://www.cdata.com/   |   Address: 101 Europa Drive, Suite 110, , Chappel Hill, NC 27517

CData Python Connectors

CData Python Connectors simplify the way
that Python users connect to SaaS, Big Data,
NoSQL, and relational data sources. Our
Python Connectors offer simple Python
database interfaces (DB-API), making it easy
to connect with popular tooling like Jupyter
Notebook, SQLAlchemy, pandas, Dash, Apache
Airflow, petl, and more.

CData Python Connectors create a SQL
wrapper around APIs and data protocols,
simplifying data access from within Python
and enabling Python users to easily connect
more than 150 SaaS, Big Data, NoSQL, and
relational data sources with advanced Python

The CData Python Connectors offer
straightforward access to live application,
database, and cloud API data through
standard Python database connectivity

* Universal Python Data Connectivity
* Popular Tooling Integration
* Replication and Caching
* String, Date, and Numeric SQL Functions
* Collaborative Query Processing
* Easily Customization and Configuration
* Enterprise-class Secure Connectivity

Organizations worldwide are using Python to
uncover insights from data. Existing Python
tools, modules, and extensions support
DataOps initiatives by dramatically
simplifying data movement and processing.

The CData Python Connectors fill a critical gap
in Python tooling by providing consistent
connectivity with data-centric interfaces to
hundreds of different SaaS/Cloud, NoSQL, and
Big Data sources.

Download a 30-day free trial or learn more at:
Last Updated: 04/21/20
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Contact: Alex Pauncz
Email: marketing@cdata.com
Phone: 8002357250
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