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Ukrainian National Information Systems (UNIS)

Ukrainian National Information Systems (UNIS)

UNIS (Ukrainian National Information Services) is a leading Ukrainian IT-company, founded in 2003. We have developed our own unique software and software-hardware products, utilizing the latest IT technology, based on the Rational Unified Process and Agile methodologies.


• automation of a company’s production processes
• secure systems of electronic document management
• data security
(both cryptographic and software-embedded solutions)
• complex systems of data security
• electronic signature services

At UNIS our programmers and mathematicians have developed our own unique encryption systems and cryptographic security (transformation function) libraries. Presently, we have over 50 of Ukraine’s most talented young professionals working on various projects.

UNIS was the first Ukrainian company to establish an accredited center of certification of electronic digital signature keys. At this center we provide our clients with the ability to generate electronic financial and tax reports to various government agencies.

UNIS also heads a consortium of several Ukrainian IT companies, so that we can incorporate into the work on a project up to 200 highly-skilled programmers, mathematicians, radio engineers from Kiev alone.
Company URL: http://www.ukrainesystems.com   |   Address: Institutska Street 24/7, Office 1 , , Kiev , 01021

Our Products

UNIS’ product line falls into three categories:
• automation
• data security
• integrated embedded complexes

UNIS has designed and applied an entire array of automated systems that can be applied to various aspects of a company’s business processes.

Our design covers all the phases of system development:

• design of the project architecture;
• development of the relevant software;
• building of hardware components;
• personnel training and client support.

An example of a complex, fully-automated system is the UNIS-proprietary “AScpr” Automated System for cell phone registration).

This system, built by government contract, automatically registers all imported cell hones, so as to prevent contraband trade in Ukraine.

The system is designed for maximum reliability. The use of cluster technologies on all levels allows for uninterrupted operation 24/7.

A few specifics:
• number of IMEI codes in the system: 119 million.
• number of SMS and WEB queries processed daily: 300,000.
• time spent on processing a single query: less than 0.05 seconds.

Despite their complexity, neither of our automated and secure systems has even countered a single breach or breakdown in operations.

UNIS is continuously researching and developing methods of data encryption. We have developed several unique methods of encryption, such as:

• distribution of encryption keys, based on elliptic curves;

• initialization of a random sequences generator.

Our research has yielded the following unique software products:

• a cryptographic data protection utility for use in automated systems;

• a hardware-software certification authority solution.

UNIS has developed a software utility for use as a component of automated systems for cryptographic data transformations.

This utility provides for the following possibilities:

• the use of electronic digital signatures;

• the use of Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL);

• the use of TSP and OCSP services.

Our certification authority solution is designed to carry out regulated procedures and to service our client’s public key certificates. This product, which employs an integrated hardware-software solution, can automatically generate, block, invalidate and/or renew digital certificates, publish timely information regarding the certificate’s status and provide time stamping services.

In addition to strictly software-based solutions, UNIS also develops embedded solutions of encryption with a separate software component. These modules are distinguished by a higher level of security of information and may be utilized in various ways, for example as a component of a computer system. Last Updated: 01/08/13
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Contact: Roman Zvarych
Email: roman@ukrainesystems.com
Phone: 380 44 253-2950
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