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Objectivity, Inc.

Objectivity, Inc.

Objectivity, Inc. is the leading provider of distributed, real-time, SOA-enabled, service and embedded database management solutions for mission-critical applications. The company's flagship product, Objectivity/DB, is used by government, security, complex manufacturing, commercial services, science, and engineering organizations to increase speed, precision and productivity.

With a rich set of development and administration tools, Objectivity/DB provides a simplified approach to managing complex data. Objectivity/DB enables predictable scalability and complete interoperability across heterogeneous platforms and languages, which reduces operational costs and product development time.

Objectivity/DB supports development in Java, C++, C#, Python, Smalltalk, and virtually any object language, on Windows, Linux, Solaris and other high-performance computing environments, through 32-bit and 64-bit addressing on distributed or centralized systems, and with the flexibility to operate as both a primary database or as a middle-layer enabling persistence across virtually unlimited federations of databases. Additionally, Objectivity/DB's uniquely distributed architecture helps you leverage cloud based computing with ease.
Company URL:   |   Address: 640 W. California Ave., Suite 210, Sunnyvale, CA 94086


InfiniteGraph enables organizations to achieve greater return on their data related investment by helping them "connect the dots" on a global scale, ask deeper and more complex questions, across new or existing data stores.

There is no other graph technology available today, offered by any other commercial vendor or open source project, that can match InfiniteGraph's combined strengths of persisting and traversing complex relationships requiring multiple hops, across vast and distributed data stores.
Last Updated: 08/07/12
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Phone: 408-992-7100
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