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Argent Software, Inc.

Argent Software, Inc.

For nearly 20 years, Argent Software has been a leader in developing advanced systems management software. Privately held, Argent provides powerful solutions for application monitoring, performance management, enterprise network monitoring, and compliance (Sarbanes, HIPAA, etc). Headquartered in New York, Argent has over 2,000 customers worldwide, including Walt Disney, Honda, Toyota, IBM, Hewlett and Packard Foundations, Bayer, Nokia, CBS, the Social Security Administration, Wells Fargo, and Harley Davidson, with offices located throughout the world.rnrnArgent holds dozens of patents and has won numerous awards, the latest being Best of Show at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans. Argent recently reaffirmed its leadership position by introducing Argent's Advanced Technology, which is the next generation of Argent's monitoring and alerting enterprise solutions, and includes Web 2.0 technology. Argent's Advanced Technology combines the same easy-to-use components found in previous Argent products, is easy to install, and features a highly scalable and reliable architecture. Argent, in short, helps enterprises do more with less.
Company URL:   |   Address: 2 Bridgewater Road, Farmington, CT 06032
Last Updated: 01/26/12

Three leading components of Argent's Advanced Technology are Argent for VMware, Argent for Exchange, and Argent Commander.

Argent for VMware monitors, manages, and automates all aspects of VMware hosts and guests, by monitoring VMware hosts -- both 3.5 and 4.0 -- Datacenter, Cluster, Resource Pool, ESX, ESXi, and even events, logs and patch management, as well as monitoring all aspects of guests -- Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Guest monitoring incorporates the features of the classic Argent Guardian server monitoring product.

Argent for Exchange won Best of Show at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans. Argent for Exchange monitors, manages, and automates all aspects of Exchange, from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2010, with an emphasis on Exchange 2010, by combining PowerShell, Exchange Management Shell, WMI, and Windows APIs in one integrated product. Argent for Exchange also supports the complete set of Exchange's client-access protocols, including round-trip testing, MAPI interface, Outlook Anywhere, Outlook Web Access, and Outlook Web Services.

Argent Commander is a Web 2.0-based product providing real-time monitoring, management, and automation from any web browser. Argent Commander integrates with Active Directory to provide complete security. Argent Commander provides real-time "snapshots" of servers and the network, and reports on critical key performance indicators (KPI) and top X events. Argent Commander's web interface supports Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Swedish.

All three products install in under 10 minutes and are available for a free 30-day evaluation.
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Phone: (860) 674-1700
White Papers
Does The Cloud Make SCOM Obsolete?

By Argent

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Microsoft's server-based monitoring product, assumes that a Windows server is at the center of the architecture. The view is obsolete in the era of cloud computing. Argent for VMware leverages the paradigm shift and provides complete VMware monitoring.

Document: View PDF
The Five Secrets of VMware

By Argent

VMware, a virtualization juggernaut with over 70% of the market, is synonymous with cloud computing. Server-centric monitoring products are obsolete; they know nothing about the cloud. Argent for VMware provides complete monitoring of both VMware hosts and all guest servers.

Document: View PDF
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"The Five Secrets of VMware," a guide to monitoring the virtual operating system in a corporate production environment to ensure high reliability, is the subject of a new white paper from Argent Software that contains substantially credible technical content.

Argent Software's Argent for VMware manages, monitors and automates virtual machine hosts and virtual machine guests. The product sets up quickly and includes Instant Best Practices with over 500 pre-defined rules available. The product is based around VMware and not on the guest servers; thus Argent for VMware monitors all types of guests, including Windows, Linux and Solaris machines, along with the VM host in one integrated product.

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Company differentiating on ability to monitor VMware; Hitachi Consulting among customers that attest to Argent's monitoring strength; Five Secrets of VMware white paper offers technical advice

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