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CData Software

CData Software

CData Software offers data integration solutions for rnreal-time access to on-line or on-premise applications, rndatabases, and Web APIs.rnIt specializes in providing access to data through rnestablished data standards and application platforms rnsuch as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OData, SSIS, BizTalk, rnand Excel.
Company URL:   |   Address: 101 Europa Drive, Suite 110, Chappel Hill, NC 27517
CData Excel Add-Ins
Last Updated: 07/14/20

CData Excel Add-Ins install right into Excel
and empower anyone to instantly connect to
live data from 200+ data sources — inside

Quickly and conveniently get access to data
from your accounting, CRM, ERP, sales,
marketing, social media, SaaS, cloud, and
database tools in Excel; even push changes
from Excel right to your data — wherever it

Connect to live data from:

- Quickbooks
- Sage
- Salesforce
- HubSpot
- Microsoft Dynamics 365
- SQL Server
- eTrade
- And hundreds more

The CData Excel Add-Ins simplify the way you
read, write, and update live data from web
and desktop applications. Perfect for mass
imports / exports / updates, data cleansing &
de-duplication, Excel based data analysis, and

The Add-Ins are powerful tools that provide:

- Bi-directional access to live data
- Easy-to-use, straightforward configuration
- Quick data imports, exports, backups, and

Use the built-in connection wizard to create a
connection and immediately begin working
with live tables of data from 200+ sources.
The Excel Add-Ins are completely self-
contained; no additional software installation
required. They integrate with the Excel
toolbar and ribbon, providing direct access to
live data in one click.

Easy-To-Use, Straightforward Configuration:

1. Install the Add-In
2. Configure the Connection
3. Select Tables

Installing any of the Excel Add-Ins creates a
new CData data access toolbar in Excel that
users can access to connect to remote data.
From the Excel toolbar, users can select any
of the installed CData Add-Ins to configure a

Download a 30-day free trial or learn more at

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Contact: Alex Pauncz
Phone: 8002357250
CData Query Federation Drivers
Last Updated: 07/28/20

Extend applications with unified data connectivity through
Embedded Data Virtualization.

The CData Query Federation Drivers provide a universal data access
layer that simplifies application development and data access. Write
SQL and access data across 250+ of applications and databases
through a single driver interface.

The CData Query Federation Driver is a powerful tool that provides:

* A Single SQL Dialect and API: A common SQL interface for working
with multiple SaaS, NoSQL, relational, and Big Data sources.
* Combined Data Across Sources: Write queries that combine data
from multiple sources, without the need for ETL or other data
* Intelligent Push-Down: Federated queries leverage intelligent
push-down to increase performance and throughput.
* 250+ Supported Connectors: Plug-and-Play CData Drivers enable
connectivity to more than 250 enterprise data sources.

Embed Logical Data Warehousing capabilities into any application or
process, and enable access to multiple data sources on-demand,
without relocating or transforming data in advance. Essentially the
Query Federation Driver gives users simple access to all your
organization’s databases, data warehouses, and cloud applications
through standard SQL.

Benefits of Embedded Data Virtualization:

Simplified Application Development — Developers can pick multiple
data processing systems and access all of them with a single SQL-
based interface.
Query Across Multiple Systems — In many ad-hoc scenarios, it is
impractical to build pipelines to consolidate data. With query
federation, you can write queries that combine data from different
sources directly, on-demand.
Up to 85% Faster — Quicker and easier data connectivity vs.
traditional data warehousing and ETL.

Download a 30-day free trial or learn more at
Categories: » Database/Data Management   
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Contact: Alex Pauncz
Phone: 8002357250
CData API Server
Last Updated: 04/14/20

The CData API Server is the fastest and
easiest way to build and deploy data driven
APIs. With API Server users can create APIs
that deliver application back–ends for internal
applications, facilitate mobile development
projects, expose data as a service, and deploy
enterprise–class microservices.

The API Server is an installed application that
includes everything needed to create, run,
manage and secure APIs - all without custom
development. It enables you to create and
deliver self-contained API endpoints, on-
premise or to the cloud - that connect to any
application or database and translate REST,
JSON, and OData API calls to your configured
IT resources.

Complete with API critical features like
access-control, data security, monitoring, and
management, API server is a powerful tool to
help modernize your back-end infrastructure.

Download a 30-day free trial of CData API
Server or learn more at:
Categories: » Infrastructure Management    » Database/Data Management   
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Contact: Alex Pauncz
Phone: 8002357250
CData Sync
Last Updated: 04/14/20

CData Sync is a universal data pipeline that
delivers automated continuous replication
between hundreds of SaaS applications &
cloud data sources and any database & data
warehouse of consequence, on-premise or in
the cloud.
Replicate data from 150+ popular enterprise
data sources, including:
* Salesforce
* Microsoft Dynamics CRM
* Microsoft SharePoint
* NetSuite CRM & ERP
* QuickBooks Online
* Service Now
* Xero Accounting
* Intacct
* HubSpot
* Marketo
* Oracle Marketing Cloud
* And More
Right into popular database destinations,
such as SQL Server, Redshift, S3, Snowflake,
BigQuery, and many more!
Configuring replication is easy: login, select
the data tables to replicate, and select a
replication interval. Done. CData Sync
extracts data iteratively, causing minimal
impact on operational systems by only
querying and updating data that has been
added or changed since the last update.

CData Sync offers the utmost flexibility, with
simple point and click ETL / ELT processing,
bulk/batch data loading, and broad support
for full and partial replication scenarios.
Support all your data warehousing initiatives
and ensure that critical data is stored safely,
accurately in your cloud database of choice.

Simplify ETL/ELT — CData Sync eliminates the
need for custom script management and
enables you to unify all of your automated
data synchronizations in one place.

Download a 30-day free trial of CData Sync or
learn more at:

Categories: » Database/Data Management    » Software as a Service    » Security Systems   
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Contact: Alex Pauncz
Phone: 8002357250
CData Python Connectors
Last Updated: 04/21/20

CData Python Connectors simplify the way
that Python users connect to SaaS, Big Data,
NoSQL, and relational data sources. Our
Python Connectors offer simple Python
database interfaces (DB-API), making it easy
to connect with popular tooling like Jupyter
Notebook, SQLAlchemy, pandas, Dash, Apache
Airflow, petl, and more.

CData Python Connectors create a SQL
wrapper around APIs and data protocols,
simplifying data access from within Python
and enabling Python users to easily connect
more than 150 SaaS, Big Data, NoSQL, and
relational data sources with advanced Python

The CData Python Connectors offer
straightforward access to live application,
database, and cloud API data through
standard Python database connectivity

* Universal Python Data Connectivity
* Popular Tooling Integration
* Replication and Caching
* String, Date, and Numeric SQL Functions
* Collaborative Query Processing
* Easily Customization and Configuration
* Enterprise-class Secure Connectivity

Organizations worldwide are using Python to
uncover insights from data. Existing Python
tools, modules, and extensions support
DataOps initiatives by dramatically
simplifying data movement and processing.

The CData Python Connectors fill a critical gap
in Python tooling by providing consistent
connectivity with data-centric interfaces to
hundreds of different SaaS/Cloud, NoSQL, and
Big Data sources.

Download a 30-day free trial or learn more at:
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Contact: Alex Pauncz
Phone: 8002357250
Last Updated: 07/28/20

Categories: » System Integration Services    » Application Service Provider   
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