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ArcESB is a leading B2B application and data rnconnectivity solution for secure managed file rntransfer (MFT), EDI processing, and back-office rnintegration. ArcESB seamlessly connects enterprise rnapplications like CRMs, ERPs, marketing and rnaccounting software, and even relational database rnsystems to automate complex processes and rnsynchronization across the enterprise, both on-rnpremises and in the cloud. rnrnThe application supports file transfer through a rnwide array of B2B messaging protocols including rnAS2, AS4, OFTP, SFTP, and more. It streamlines, rnsecures, and automates data movement and gives rnusers the ability to define workflows around rnincoming and outgoing files. In addition, ArcESB rnfeatures interactive EDI mapping and translation rnwith support for all major EDI standards and rnprotocols such as X12 and EDIFACT. This allows rnusers not only to exchange files with their trading rnpartners but also to translate those messages into a rnreadable XML format that is ready for further rnprocessing. rnrnA codeless visual interface features a modern drag-rnand-drop approach to workflow management rnwhere users can configure connectors in a rnworkspace to build complex workflows. This drag-rnand-drop approach also extends to data rntransformation, allowing users to easily map data rnbetween formats like JSON, XML, and CSV. These rnfeatures can be used to integrate backend rnapplications with EDI messaging workflows, or rnsimply to synchronize data between two or more rndisparate applications.rnrnArcESB is a modern integration framework that rnenables organizations to manage all their file rntransfers, EDI communication, and backend rnworkflows through a central solution that is rnreliable, secure, scalable, and can be deployed rnanywhere.rnrnStart a free 30-day trial, get custom quotes, or rnrequest more information at
Company URL:   |   Address: Chappel Hill , NC, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Last Updated: 10/18/19

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