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Financial institutions and government agencies are spending billions of dollars on their strategic digital transformation. Until now, they have been forced to build tailor-made applications to put key functions online – functions such as account opening, loan and credit card applications or applying for a government license or service. These projects are high risk, take many months or years to deliver, exceeds budget estimates, and are inflexible in changing markets. Avoka solves that problem.
  |   Address: Level 2, 1a Rialto Lane, Manly, Syndey, NSW 2095
Avoka Transact
Last Updated: 10/02/17

The Avoka Transact™ design tool provides pre-built components for rapid form creation as well as the ability to customize the experience. Everything created is mobile responsive and can be previewed in formats for phone, tablet, and desktop.
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Featured Editorial

By Don Bergal

The past few years have seen retail banks start to successfully integrate digital into a continuous omni-channel experience for customers across marketing, selling, and delivery of their products. With the Internet continuing to make inroads into almost every aspect of our daily lives, the need for this integration—and the opportunity it presents—is obvious.

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