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Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire helps over 6,000 enterprises worldwide reduce security risk, manage compliance and increase operational efficiency throughout their virtual and physical environments. Using Tripwire's industry leading configuration assessment and change auditing solutions, organizations successfully achieve and maintain IT configuration control. Tripwire is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with offices worldwide.
Company URL:   |   Address: 101 SW Main Street, Portland , OR 97204
Tripwire Enterprise
Last Updated: 01/26/12

Tripwire Enterprise provides policy-based configuration assessment and change auditing capabilities for virtual and physical infrastructures to quickly achieve and maintain configuration control.

Tripwire's configuration assessment ensures the integrity of your IT configurations by proactively comparing them against internal policies, compliance standards and security best practices. Tripwire identifies misconfiguration risks and provides remediation guidance to return to a known and trusted state.

Change audit makes change visible and ensures control by continuously detecting and reconciling all changes across the virtual and physical infrastructures. Tripwire accommodates a broad range of infrastructure including servers, databases, directory services, applications, virtualization, desktops and network devices.
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Phone: (800) 874-7947, (503) 276-7500
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