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Neustar Webmetrics

Neustar Webmetrics

Neustar® Webmetrics® services provide website testing and monitoring for companies that want to ensure online performance, competitive advantage, and a positive end-user experience. Webmetrics Performance Monitoring Services include external monitoring of web sites, applications, web services, ecosystems, streams, and networks. Webmetrics Load Testing Services provide real-world validation that your web applications are ready to go, with a fully managed solution that saves time and money.
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Webmetrics Monitoring services
Last Updated: 01/19/12

Webmetrics Monitoring services enable companies to track, identify and prevent web performance issues before customer impact. Webmetrics monitors and measures the performance of web sites, applications, streaming media and more to ensure 24/7 uptime and performance integrity. Performance reports can be shared with customers for third-party SLA validation.

Webmetrics Ecosystem Management solutions allow the monitoring of applications, partner networks and cloud services from a single platform.

Webmetrics Load Testing services test sites and applications against heavy loads or inputs to find the point at which they fail or performance degrades - providing real-world validation that web applications are ready to go.
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