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Aleyant tFLOW™

tFLOW is an affordable yet powerful digital workflow automation and customer service solution for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics. tFLOW simplifies difficult file management tasks and processes to optimize efficiency and production throughput. Last Updated: 11/12/18
Category: Workflow » Workflow
Contact: Therese McGady
Email: tmcgady@aleyant.com
Phone: 800-571-2138
URL: aleyant.com
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Amazing Print Tech

eCardBuilder web to print software

eCardBuilder Web to Print Software by http://www.amazingprint.com Web to Print Technology with 20,000+ premade templates and millions of images. eCardBuilder is the most affordable top rated, all-in-one print and marketing platform. Web-to-Print is the easiest way to bring in new customers, retain repeat orders and reduce operating costs. eCardBuilder is a website, workstation/kiosk, and mobile device friendly printing technology. Last Updated: 11/12/18
Category: Workflow » Workflow
Contact: Slava Apel
Email: info@amazingprint.com
Phone: 905-738-9920
URL: http://www.amazingprint.com
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Nexio is a tool that connects the Caldera RIP and other third-party software using standard JDF/JMF protocols, making it possible to produce automatic sequences of actions that speed up production and advanced reports to improve operations. From ERP and accounting programs to web-based applications, Nexio connects the dots to save you time and money throughout your print production. Last Updated: 05/03/18
Category: Workflow » Workflow
Contact: Serge Clauss
Email: serge.clauss@caldera.com
Phone: 612-216-5212
URL: http://www.caldera.com/product
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StreamLive is an easy-to-use SaaS application that allows you to create your ideal production process, track jobs in real time and automate your most time-consuming tasks. Last Updated: 05/03/18
Category: Workflow » Workflow

Phone: 612-216-5212
URL: http://www.caldera.com
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Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System

Last Updated: 05/05/15
Category: Workflow » Workflow

URL: www.color-logic.com
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Dalim Software

DALiM ES5.0 Enterprise Solution

DALIM ES is an integrated media production platform; a collaborative digital asset management platform offering a complete solution for the production and management of content, regardless of final output. This includes brand owners and retailers who need efficient communication. The combination of technical workflow production along with business process management results in a highly flexible centralized platform for all participants in the production lifecycle. Last Updated: 04/17/18
Category: Workflow » Workflow
Contact: Graham Blanks
Email: info@dalim.com
Phone: 407-574-7486
URL: http://www.dalim.com
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i-cut Suite Software Tools - Preflight, Layout & Automate

Esko's i-cut Suite software tools include workflow automation, pre-production and production software for Print Service Providers (PSPs). Preflight tools diagnose, correct and edit PDF print files, without accessing native design applications - ensuring jobs will RIP and print quickly and correctly every time. Layout tools reduce printing and finishing time by optimizing material usage, and automation tools tie all the pieces together with automated dynamic workflows. Last Updated: 12/07/15
Category: Workflow » Workflow
Contact: Keri Blackburn
Email: kebl@esko.com
Phone: 937.454.1721
URL: http://www.esko.com/SignandDis
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Gerber Technology/MCT Digital


TigerVision is the newest vision-guided, machine front-end & easiest to use graphical user interface in the graphics industry for accurately cutting printed materials on a grand format flatbed cutter. Developed by MCT Digital, a group of experienced industry veterans - who were also responsible for launching the revolutionary vision system for digital flatbed cutters in 1999. TigerVision combines vision, editing & machine control features in a simple, intuitive, and modern application. Last Updated: 12/11/18
Category: Workflow » Workflow
Contact: Sales
Email: sales@mctdigital.com
Phone: 414-939-3270
URL: www.GerberTechnology.com
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Infigo Software Limited

Catfish MegaEdit, web-to-print editing software

Our market-leading web-to-print software, Catfish and MegaEdit, are ideal for companies looking to expand their printing business online in both B2B and B2C environments. Offering branded storefronts, workflow efficiency, variable data printing for personalization, intuitive interface and fully responsive websites, our print management software strives for unrivaled customer experience, allowing businesses to offer services online 24/7, for increased sales opportunities and growth. Last Updated: 11/30/17
Category: Workflow » Workflow

URL: http://www.infigosoftware.com/
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JUST Normlicht, Inc.

Wall Illumination by JUST

Wall Illumination by JUST is the professional solution for large format print viewing. Based on the JUST moduLight technology, Wall Illumination by JUST is guaranteed to comply with the ISO 3664:2009 standard for critical color comparisons without the need for a "roll away" light on the floor. Available for walls up to 8 feet high by 11 feet wide. Last Updated: 05/09/14
Category: Workflow » Workflow
Contact: Eric Dalton
Email: sales@justnormlicht.com
Phone: 800-248-JUST
URL: http://www.justnormlicht.com/w
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